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All Property related documents are required by law to be registered in the Sub Registrar Office. Every legal document, that is compulsorily registered under Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908, should be presented for registration in the office of the concerned sub registrar having jurisdiction over the area in which the property is situated by the parties to such document along with 2 witness and appropriate registration fee and stamp duty. The payment of proper Stamp duty on instruments confers legality to them. Such instruments get evidentiary value & are admissible in the Court of Law as evidence of title / ownership of the property.

The sub registrar offices are responsible for the maintenance of records of all property documents that are registered. Once registered, such documents become a public document. The government is planning to convert all the offices into E-Sub registrar offices so as to facilitate the registration process, make it faster and transparent. People no longer need to stand in long queues and waiting for hours to get their document registered. A prior appointment is required to be taken for the presentation of the documents. Now even the registration fee has to be paid online and the Registrar offices do not accept the payment of fee through Pay Order / Demand Drafts now.
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