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  • Authority/Loca1Body(s) shall be empowered after levying penalty to compound deviations from limits of coverage/FAR to the extent of 5% of the permissible coverage and FAR, subject to maximum of 13.5 sqm. in building(s)/premises at the time of considering the completion/occupancy certificate. In Group Housing Schemes and Public & Semi Public facilities, 5% FAR beyond permissible FAR can be compounded by the Authority/Local Body at the time of considering the completion/occupancy certificate. The excess coverage shall be compounded on prevailing land rates subject to submission of affidavit to the fact that difference, if any, shall be deposited as & when rates are notified by the Government.


  • The area to be compounded be calculated on the basis of the total construction in residential building which may be considered as part and parcel of the total construction of the plot.


  • Increase in covered area beyond the permissible limit as mentioned above, may also affect the prescribed size/area of the internal courtyard of the plot. In such cases, the compounding fee for this infringement will be as follows :-


Extension of building lines which affects the size of the internal courtyard Rs.500/- per sq. meter of the reduced area of the minimum requirement of the courtyard for light and ventilation infringement



1)     Betterment Charges :for coverage at 2“” floor               Rs.150/Sqm

[For the coverage permissible as per MPD-2001

(notified in August 1990) and prior to enhanced

FAR notified vide notification dated 23-07-1998)

2)     Additional FAR charges : The rate for levy on               Rs.450/Sqm.

additional FAR as notified vide Notification

dated 23-07-1998 would be

  1. i)   The levy will be payable in addition to all other charges including betterment charges, development charges and other service charges.
  2. ii) Where the additional construction has already been carried out in violation of pre 23.07.98 norms but is within the norms as revised vide notification dated 23.07.98, the construction will be regularized on payment of the levy @ Rs..450/- per sqm. Plus a surcharge of 10% this will be in Addition to the existing compounding fee etc.

3)    Enhanced FAR charges arising out of MPD-2021:

As per notification dated 23.12.2008 (As given in the Chapter of charges)


S.No. Item Rate
1. a) Residential properties including for basement under mixed use-rates of payment of betterment levy/ additional FAR charge for New construction and penalty / compounding special compounding charges for regularization of unauthorized construction The following rates as per notification dt. 20.11.2006 which was applied for 2006-07 to be made applicable for 2007-08, the same areas under:-

  1. Additional Coverage within sanctioned height.

A & B colonies                                                      Rs.4020/-

C & D colonies                                                      Rs.1610/-

E,F & G colonies with plot size more than 50sqm.     Rs.805/-

E,F & G colonies with plot size upto 50sqm.           Rs.564/-

b) Additional coverage above sanctioned but with permissible height (as per 23.7.98)

A & B colonies                                                      Rs.4375/-

C & D colonies                                                      Rs.1750/-

E,F& G colonies with plot size more than 50sqm.      Rs.875/-

E,F & G colonies with plot size upto 50sqm.           Rs.613/-

c) Additional coverage beyond permissible height as per 23.07.98 but within 15 meters.

A & B colonies                                                      Rs.4900/-

C & D colonies                                                      Rs.1960/-

E,F & G colonies with plot size more than 50sqm.     Rs.980/-

E,F & G colonies with plot size upto 50sqm.           Rs.686/-


4)    Labor Cess charges                  1% of the estimated cost of construction


5)    Development charges in         Rs.50% per sqm for plot area +

Unauthorized regularized         simple interest @ Rs.12/- p.a. from the

Colonies                 cut off date i.e. 20.10.1986

6)    Levy of Development charges     Rs.15/- per sqm. of plot area

In urban Villages, Old Abadi

Area as well as in the area that

Has been adjusted in the re-

Development plan of urban Villages.