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  • The concept of farmhouses is not new to New Delhi. Since the turn of the 20th century, it has been a place to live in the most extraordinary fashion. From providing space to British people to make country homes of their own style to being the home of many big business tycoons, Delhi’s farm house story is one to boast of. A large number of elites prefer having a bungalow where they can maximise the use of land for a lavish lifestyle including swimming pool, landscape gardens, small jogging tracks etc. In general, the concept of home is actually met by such houses and is a dream of every person to own one of these.
  • Even though farm houses are so much celebrated among all of us, it has been subject to problems in India’s biggest metropolitan cities. Delhi has seen many authoritative problems pertaining to the use country homes. The expensiveness of such homes has already kept the middle class away and those who do think to have one of these have to face problems regarding the legal matters. From the government’s part, the laws have been quite confusing and non-supporting and there is no other body to rely on the guidance over the ownership of farmhouses. However, a major shift is coming regarding large homes in the form of LDRA (Low Density Residential Area), a new name given to the farmhouses by the government. These LDRAs are a major part of Master Plan Delhi (MPD) – 2021. The policy has been in the news with the other landmark policy of Land Pooling Policy (LPP).
  • DDA LDRA Policy is a platform where you would want to get informed about this government’s policy and what does it has for the different sects of people. 11,000 hectares of land is available for the construction of farmhouses in Delhi under MPD 2021. The new policies regarding the construction process are also quite people friendly. This will be discussed in this platform in a detailed way. The real estate market which already is considering Delhi LPP as its saviour has found a new ray of light in this LDRA policy. The high-valued nature of farm houses requires crisp sharp people for your assistance in all the procedures. We provide such expertise to the people who are looking forward to own a bungalow in Delhi and thus, ending the seeking of developed countries’ farmhouses.
  • Our team has already made people aware of the LPP and LDRA is our next target. We have an expert research team whose sole purpose is to connect the people to the government policies. Our motto is awareness because many times it has happened that government’s plan fail to reach a common man. DDA LDRA Policy’s team have contacts to the highly acclaimed realtors of this country who themselves want to create an atmosphere where people can live in harmony with builders’ and government’s aid. India’s land regulation acts have been complex but our thorough and systematic research on that has able to bring meticulous information to people. Managing money can be difficult at times and so is the protection relating to the real estate matters. Our rich understanding, experience and involvement in these kinds of dealing will surely help you to get easy access to your dream house.
  • The buyer’s benefit is of prime importance and apart from assisting you in the policies, we will provide best solutions for all your legal work. MPD-2021 is a great opportunity by the government which caters to every person of this historical city. Now, it depends on all us on how better and affectively we choose to utilize the potential of LDRA policy under MPD-2021.