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Are you looking for retain a construction advisory services? The 100solutions team of respected industry specialists serves owners, architects, engineers, contractors, construction executives and legal counsel. We emphasis on improving the delivery of construction developments across all segments and rely on well-proven developments and state-of-the-art project management technologies to improve collaboration among project stakeholders and optimize performance.


We offer strategic and calculated services on an as-needed basis. Our professionals have broad experience both in the project office and in the field and can create professional solutions for both public and private sector construction clients striving to meet the complex challenges of investment projects. Our Construction advisory services emphasis on the processes required to effectively and efficiently plan and manage projects, expand transparency and responsibility among stakeholders and avoid, minimize, or resolve disputes during the construction project lifecycle.

Our Construction Advisory team has diverse specialties and a common dedication to superiority. Our proven ability to plan or evaluate construction projects in terms of customization and usage, efficiency, time and budget, enables our staff to serve as a highly valuable resource in complex undertakings. Our primary objective is to ensure our clients’ projects are completed successfully through the control of time, cost and quality.



  • Financial advice
  • Business case development and review
  • Design requirements
  • Contract compliance
  • Design management
  • Investment decisions and controls
  • Process improvement

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