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  • Additions/alterations in DDA flats in the Development Areas of the DDA shall be permitted by DDA and in other areas by MCD.
  • An Architect registered with Council of Architecture under Architects Act 1972 shall have the authority to certify plans for their correctness regarding original construction as well as proposals being in conformity with building byelaws and to the guidelines of addition (s) /alteration(s). Once the plans with all the documents certified by the Architect, structural Engineer and fee are submitted to DDA/MCD, these will be taken on record and treated as permitted.
  • The person(s) who has / have already carried out or intend to make addition(s)/ alteration(s) in the flat(s), shall intimate in writing in the prescribed form and such intimation shall be accompanied alongwith the documents as given in Para 3. The form is to be filled up and jointly certified by the owner(s) and Registered Architect which contains the statement of the proposal and amount deposited. The proposal with all requisite information/documents and certification shall be accepted by DDA/MCD and one coy of the proposal will be certified /stamped and returned to the applicant. Incomplete proposal shall not be accepted.
  • In cases where permission is required for interchanging the position of kitchen, bathroom & WC or for additional coverage in courtyard and terraces, all the owner(s) of one vertical block will jointly submit the proposal to DDA/MCD. In case, where all the owner(s) of one vertical block are not interested to carry out the addition/ alteration but one or two of them are interested, they will have to obtain no Objection Certificate from the remaining owner(s).
  • The Architect(s) may draw the original plan of the flat(s) by measurements and satisfy themselves about their correctness. If need be, they can obtain a certified copy of original plan of the flat from Housing and Urban Projects Wing, DDA on prescribed payment.