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100%solutions the best architectural and advisory firm In India

We are very highly qualified and professional architectural based working and advisory firm in India. We have lots of experience of handling really big projects. Our main focus is in Delhi and NCR region because development in those areas are really fast that’s why people need an architectural firm which has all the expertise in the field of architecture advisory. We are a big brand name in this field right now because we have always given best services to our clients. We have expertise in architectural, revenue, field surveys and architectural revenue etc. we are a part of saumye trading co., a very successful and highly qualified and expert firm which deals in the field of architectural revenue. We have gained so much reputation and our clients are always happy because all the people working with us are highly qualified and they are sharping their skills each and every day.

We have experience of almost every field for example topographical surveys, submissions, architectural drawings, planing, layout, landscaping, interior design etc. we have highly qualified team of professions who are really able to give you proper service for the fields we have mentioned above.

Why should you consider is as your architectural and advisory firm.

We have successfully done a lot of projects, projects like like school, malls, clubs, hospitals, commercial buildings, religious and every other type of project you can think about. We are rally successful because we are always hiring only highly qualified people in our firm that’s why all our projects are completed even before the deadline

we are only taking the project if we are really able to handle it in the given time this way we are always able to make our customers happy and they come to again whenever they have to get any service from us

below are some operations we do for our customers

• land development of both sizes big or small no matter
• building bye laws solutions
• we provide completion certificate
• regularization
• De sealing
• addition and alteration plans
• sanction plans
• compounding
• floor area ratio measurement
• builtup area BUA
• dwelling unit
• policy framework for buildings
• external development charges
• gross residential areas
• internal rate of returns
• policy framework for land
• policy framework for farmhouse
• legal search of property
• sub-registrars registration
• SDM office property verifications
• land owning agency registration
• wetting of property
• wetting of property registration
• wetting of property process
• wetting of property polices
• wetting of policy constraints
• wetting of property ancedent verification
• market valuation of the property
• market valuation of the property-land
• market valuation of the property-building
• market valuation of the property-property
• market valuation of the property-plan
• house tax department a -preview
• status update at building department
• land use
• conversion
• land pooling r
• residential zone
• planned development of the property
• commercial viability of the project
• best value to the project sourcing
• financial viability
• calculation of fee
• deposition of the fee3
• documentation related to any government department
• NOC for banks or any institution
• freehold
• registration of conveyance deeds
• violation of building bye laws
• trade of constructions
• land utilization
• mutation
• registration of properties
• due-diligence of the property

if you need any service from above areas please contact us as soon as possible and we will ne there for you always. we have always maintained our status and we thinking to keep it that way for coming many years if you wanna get served by us them drop us a mail or call us and we will make sure that you are going to get best service from us.